I will create an amazing whiteboard animation video in $195 - Fiverr Services


I will create an amazing whiteboard animation video in $195 - Fiverr Services

Give your business an attractive look and advertisement through whiteboard animation in just $195

About This Gig :-



Are you a business owner? Do you want to promote your product or a service more effectively?

We are a team of motion graphics designers that can produce an awesome videos for your business or idea. 

We have 2 types of videos:

Whiteboard animation video - Black and white

Whiteboard animation video - With some colors

I can provide: 

Script writing

Voice over recording (Male, Female)

Storyboard design

Full HD resolution

For transferring commercial rights please add "Commercial Use" Extra
What are you waiting for ? Contact us now, our Team are ready for help :)

Whiteboard animations require many innovative ideas, careful decisions and gutsy implementations. Developing a script and the entire pre-production planning stage before the creation of any type of creative work is one of the most important things that one must ensure to work on. Below are a few important tips for an effective whiteboard animation. These tips will enable you to create a great impression in the minds of your audiences and fans.

1. A great script is a must

As far as whiteboard animations are concerned, an average script will not do much favor to you. You need a great script and a one that can help you to create a major impression in the minds of the people or your audiences to keep it simple. Your story must be bought to life in an extraordinary manner.

2. Having a believable flow

Just like it happens in real life, your whiteboard animation should have a story line that is quite distinct in the middle, beginning as well as ending. This means that the videos should be short in order to keep the attention of the audiences. Your story must be told in such a manner that does not take very long to unfold so that the viewers can get a grasp of what you are exactly saying.

3. Having a powerful imagery

Powerful imagery and dynamic illustrations are always at the heart of a successful whiteboard animation. This means that one should ideally spend most of the time creating the images for the whiteboard presentations.

4. A captivating audio

Soundtrack is the heart of a film and same goes to a whiteboard animation. The audio tracks should be captivated in such a manner that they are able to create a very positive impression in the minds of the viewer or a normal audience. There are also a lot of character voice- overs that should be extremely believable and dynamic and this means that they should enhance and not detract from your work.

5. Concentrate on the background music

Background music can also be described as an essence to your whiteboard animation. This is because the viewers will be able to connect emotionally to your content. This means that the will be able to create a great memory as far as your animation is concerned and as a viewer this is what we require. It is one of the important things to remember.

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